How to become a customer:

There are two ways to set up an account with us and both are very simple.

1) Net-20 (Invoice) – We require a one-page form (click to download) to be filled out. Do not worry about filling out every section – as long as most of it is filled out, you will be good-to-go. You only need to complete the banking information if you would like to pay via ACH. We can typically get new facilities set up as a customer and product shipped on the same day that we receive the form back. Please email (or fax) the form to or the representative you are in contact with once it’s completed.

2) Credit Card – If you would rather pay with a credit card, you do not have to fill out any paperwork. The only downside to paying with a credit card is that there is a 1.5% processing fee for Visa or Mastercard and 3.5% for American Express. We take the credit cards securely over the phone and we only charge the credit card after we see that the order has been shipped. We then email the receipt to you.

We will require a copy of one license.  The license can be either a facility license, pharmacy license, MD license, or a DEA license.

If your location requires terms other than Net-20, we can typically make adjustments if needed.

*Note – If you are a part of a health network or corporation, you might be able to bypass filling out a credit application and do net terms if we have payment history with related locations or already bill your corporate accounting.